LEVEL 1 – $1 Million PLUS

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 LEVEL 2 – $500k PLUS


 LEVEL 3 – $100k PLUS 

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 LEVEL 4 – $50K PLUS

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 LEVEL 5 – $25K PLUS

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Standard Process
Standard Process Southwest Nutrition, Inc.,
Standard Process Southeast, Inc.,
Standard Process of Pennsylvania, Inc.,
New England Nutritional Services, Inc.,
Standard Process of North Texas Inc.,
Standard Process South, Inc.,
Therapeutic Nutritional Services, Inc.

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Standard Process
Standard Process of Kansas-Western Missouri, Inc.,
Mid-Atlantic SP Nutritional Resources, Inc.,
Standard Process of North Carolina, Inc.,
Standard Process of Central Texas, Inc.
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Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association,
Brown County Chiropractic Society,
Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island,
Georgia Chiropractic Association,
Illinois Chiropractic Society,
International Chiropractors Association,
Mercer County Chiropractic Society,
Standard Process Nutrition of Minnesota, Inc.,
Standard Process of Central Florida, Inc.,
Standard Process of Ohio, Inc.,
Standard Process of South Carolina, Inc.,
Standard Process of South Florida,
Cleveland University